News for 2019 at Wild Carp Lakes fishery

We have took into account relevant feedback from carp anglers who had passed fishing holidays at Wild Carp Lakes fishery.

Here are some improvements for carp fishing session from April 5th to October 27th in 2019.

Une nature préservée et féérique

Improve the second fishing peg behind the cottage

  • The 2nd fishing peg located behind the cottage will be greatly improved.
  • A staircase with hard steps is under construction to better go down to the lake.
  • The use of the 2nd fishing peg will be easier in summer during the low water level.
  • The 3 fishing pegs will be equal on capabilities and offer same space.

No-kill pole fishing is allowed during the day

  • Pole fishing is only allowed during the day to fish roach, tench, bream and rudd
  • Only one pole for each angler replacing one carp rod to be taken out of water.
  • No-kill pole fishing with safety rigs, single barbless hooks and no fishing basket.
  • Maggot is the only live bait allowed and landing net is mandatory.

Exclusive renting of fishery's lakes 1 and 2

  • You can now book for exclusive renting lake n°1 and n°2 including cottage.
  • No-kill fishing of carp, pike, bass and pole fishing with your close friends.
  • Feel free to discover exclusive renting price-list for 2019 at Wild Carp Lakes fishery.
  • That's will be cool and you will spend amazing fishing holidays in France.

Give a fishing holiday to your nearest or close friends

  • Offer fishing holidays to your nearest or close friends.
  • Such present does not have any exiration date so it will be achieved.
  • That a good opportunity to please and go fishing at Wild Carp Lakes.
  • Very simple to implement and definitety confirmed once the full payment is cashed.