French carp fishing holidays and cottage in Champagne fishery

Welcome to carp angling paradise from France in Champagne region at 4 hours drive from Calais. Big carps swim in crystal water and wait for anglers to achieve unique carp fishing holidays in a quiet and safe fishery. A self-catered rustic cottage is also available to put up carp anglers family.

Self-catered cottage in a magic landscape

Crystal water lakes in a wild preserved nature

Ructic cottage with bird's-eye view Wild Carp Lakes
Spend holiday carp fishing in a rustic cottage in Champagne region in France between 2015 April 3rd and 2015 November 15th.

Beautiful, powerful and crafty fishes at incredible carp angling venue

Amazing crafty carp Enormous healthy carp Wild beautiful carp
Feel free to discover all Wild Carp Lakes gems and contact us for more information. Book your fishing holidays at Wild Carp Lakes
as soon as possible before the fishery is full. Waiting next year to come might be tiresome!
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